Scores and News Submissions

We welcome any news articles about the Austin Royals. Students, parents, and coaches are encouraged to submit articles, photos, links to video clips, etc. by sending them to You will receive an email once the article has been posted to the site.

Parents, have a student interested in writing or journalism? This is your chance! Write about a game or a tournament or a mission project and send it.

Submitting Scores

Coaches are responsible for ensuring a score report is sent to after each athletic event.  This task can be delegated to a parent volunteer.  The score report should include the name of the Austin Royals team playing, the time and location of the event, the name of the opponent, the name of the tournament if applicable, and the scores.  Formatting is not important, but clarity is.  You will receive a response once the scores are posted on the site.

It is very likely you can send a text message from your phone to an email address.  Give it a try.

Here is a good example of a score report:

Girls Varsity Volleyball at Dallas Angels Tournament, 8/10/13. All scores reported show ROYALS score FIRST
Match 1 vs. Little Rock 26-24, 18-25
Match 2 vs. Dallas Angels 11-25, 11-25
Match 3 vs. Noah 25-21, 25-20
Play off vs. Little Rock 25-19, 25-23

Thanks and Go Royals!