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2017 Royals Football
6-Man Rules
Posted Aug 16, 2017

How six-man varies from eleven-man 

Six men on offense. Six men on defense.

The game differs a bit from the eleven-man version. First, it's played on an 80 x 40-yard field. It takes 15 yards to make a first down. A touchdown gets six points. Run or pass a PAT and you get a singleton. Kick a PAT and you get two points. Make it over the 8-foot high goal post with a field goal attempt and a team racks up four points. (Kicking the ball in six-man football is very difficult). The other big difference is this: everyone is eligible for a pass. However, the quarterback has to either pitch or pass the ball before he can run with it. A thousand yards of offense is not uncommon.  There is a premium on good defense. "It's like indoor arena football," said one fan. "Except we're outside." It is a run 'til you puke, hit 'til you collapse kinda game. Maybe that's why country boys play it so well. They're a tough bunch. They grow up on ranches and farms. And come from towns like Richland Springs, Calvert, Lometa, Fort Davis and Marathon. Towns so small that without a GPS unit, you couldn't find them. While there are usually about 10-20 players on a team, it's not uncommon to see the same six on both offense and defense. It's also not uncommon for these small schools to start the season with seven or eight players and end the season with only six. There is a rule that at least six players have to suit up before a game can start. Games have often ended with only four or five on a team. “Every tackle is an open field tackle,” is a common mantra.  Players are flying around like crazy men.  The hitting is heard as much as seen. But there is a rule called the 'mercy rule." If a team goes up by 45 points or more after halftime, the game is over. No mas!   It's called "getting 45'd."  "My Kid 45'd Your Kid" is a t-shirt often seen in the stands at six-man games. The governing body of Texas High school football, the University Interscholastic League, set up two divisions to make things more competitive. Division I consists of high schools with an average daily attendance of 66-125. Division II high schools have less than 66 students in the entire school. But rest assured - smaller numbers have never stopped these teams from going out and leaving it all on the field. That's what six- man is all about.

Six Man Football History



Your 2018 Coaches

Program Director / Head Coach - Brian Johnson

Assistant Coach / Defensive Coordinator - Tracey Day

Offensive Coordinator - Travis Simpson

Assistant Offensive Coach and Assistant Program Director - Damon Cox

Assistant Defense Coordinator/Special Teams - Derick McDonald

Special Teams/Position Coach - Johnnie Miller

Junior High Coaches - Keith Leitzell, David Kettering, & Larron Ables

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