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2019 FAMF HS Meet

RRCA MS/Elem Meet 2018

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Texas School for the Deaf MS/Elem Meet 2018

2018 ACAA MS/Elem Meet

From Coach Brandi & Coach Ecron

Our track season was a season of great triumph, achievement and lots of fun.

We pushed through pain, bruised body parts and lots of shin splints. Some of us even bruised our bodies on the track.

Lots of us discovered new possibilities of things we could do that we never considered before. We inspired each other to achieve more than we could have alone. It was a season of great comradery. We built great memories even as we worked hard and pushed ourselves in practice and at the meets.

Coach Brandi & Coach Ecron

From Coach Bret

What really stood out to me this season was the strong spirit of team. While there were a number of records set, and some wonderful effort put forth by all of the athletes, what I will always remember is how we practiced and competed as a team. The genuine joy at the successes, and grief at the losses, and frustration at the injustices were shared by the team. The fellowship of this team truly embodied the spirit of membership in the "holy nation" that is the Church and the Austin Royals.

Coach Bret

From Coach BJ

The two biggest themes I saw throughout this 2018 season of track, were teamwork and fun. We had so much fun this season, even through all kinds of weather aches, and injuries. The athletes and coaches encouraged each other, challenged each other helped each other and inspired each other. The bonds of friendship formed this season will last long past the fading sounds of the cheering crowds.

From our youngest athletes courageously finishing their first 4x400 relays, to our oldest athletes enthusiastically trying a pentathlon with events they've never trained, we hope our track athletes leave this season knowing they can push thru boundaries, live beyond expectations and face any challenge knowing they can rely on God to be their source of strength, and trust their friends to walk with them on their journeys. Congratulations to all!

Coach BJ

From Coach Matt

Congratulations to all of our long and mid-distance runners on an outstanding season. Your hard work and dedication resulted in great preformances, many personal records, and a lot of personal growth. Thank you for competing in a first-class manner and making this such a special track season.

Coach Matt

From Coach Katherine

It was such a blessing to coach high jump this year! Thank you for the privilege of getting to know you.

Coach Katherine