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2018 Spring season information
Posted Feb 14, 2018

REGISTRATION IS OPEN                   HIGH SCHOOL $175                        5TH - 8TH GRADE $100


It's looking like we will have enough people to build 3 Co-ed teams.  This means, for most games, we must have 3 girls on the field at any one time.  We will be watching the registration closely and let you know how the teams are shaping up.

Elementary – 5th/6th grade, will play 8 vs 8.  We need a minimum of 12 players to make a team.

Middle School – 7th/8th grade, will play 8 vs 8. We need a minimum of 12 players to make a team.

High School – 9th – 12th grade, will play 11 vs 11.  We need a minimum of 16 players to make a team.

8v8 format: Two 20-minute halves for elementary; Two 25-minute halves for junior high; 5-minute

halftime. A minimum of 3 girls and maximum of 5 boys. If you cannot begin a regular season game

with 8 players, it is up to the opposing coach if he/she wants to play with less than 8.

11 v 11 format: 45 minute halves.   UIL Rules  



Registration is now open with some payment plan options.  Austin Royals Website

Elementary and Middle School - $100 for the season.  

High School - $175 for the season



Spring Soccer is a very short.  The calendar is published on the Austin Royals Website .  Here's an overview.  

   Jan 26 – Registration open for coaches and players

   Feb 20 – High School practice starts, Tue & Thur mornings with conditioning on Friday mornings.

   Mar 10 -  Elm and MS start of season team party (time and location, TBD)

   Mar 6 -  Elm and MS practice starts, Tue & Thur mornings with conditioning on Friday mornings.

   Mar 5 – first week of High School games.

    Mar 12 – Spring Break, practices optional.  

    Mar 19 – Elm and MS games start

    Apr 20 – Senior Night.  3 games at Wilco Park.  4- 8:30pm.

    May 3 – Elm and MS (Tentative) week of ACAA Championship Tournament. End of Season

     May 3 – (tentative) week of End of Season

    TBD -  End of season party, possibly all teams combined.

     TBD – End of year all sports banquet for Austin Royals Christian Athletics

GAMES:  I will aim to schedule at least 1 game per week.  Then possibly add a 2nd game for some weeks.   It is my plan to avoid scheduling any of the teams at different locations on the same day.  They will either play a double or triple header, or have games on a different night of the week.  Games will be scheduled on weeknights, NOT WEDNESDAYS, after regular school hours.  If a tournament opportunity comes up, I will solicit agreement from the families before committing to long distance travel or weekend games.  We may need to do fundraising for tournament fees.

OPPONENTS:  The 2 younger teams will participate in the Austin Christian Athletics Association league.  This consists of about 10 parochial schools, mostly from Georgetown to Marble Falls with one team in Killeen.  However, most of those schools don't have soccer teams.  The league games will probably be; Austin Royals, Grace Academy, St. Helen Catholic School, and Round Rock Christian Academy.  We will find some non-league games to help fill the season.  

The High School team will not be in a league this year.  We are looking into the possibility of joining one in the future, but have decided to make starting a High School program a priority.  

PRACTICE:  Practices will be held in the center field area at Williamson County Park from 7:15 to 8:30am.

219 Perry Mayfield Blvd, Leander, TX 78641  

Tuesdays and Thursdays consist of devotions, skills training and scrimmaging.  Conditioning will be our focus on Fridays.  Be early; as it takes some time to get your cleats and gear situated before getting started.   Use of the soccer fields are regulated and costly, but the center area helps us keep our registration costs at a minimum.  Park near the track and look for us in the center field area near the flags.

DROP IN PLAY:  We are looking into a schedule to keep an optional "drop in play" going on Saturdays.  Stay tuned as we work out the details.

EQUIPMENT:  Players need to have the following at every practice and game.

    • SOCCER cleats, make sure they are not football cleats.  No toe cleat.
    • shin guards
    • knee high socks,
    • Size 5 soccer ball, clearly marked with your name. (size 4 for Elem)
    • water
    • general modest athletic clothing
    • warm-up jacket and pants

VOLUNTEERS:  ARCA is a volunteer organization.  The quality of the program is dependent on the level of participation.  If you are willing to help out with any of the following needs, please contact Sheila Pogson.  Thank you.

  • Coaching
  • host Start of season party for High School team
  • host Start of season party for Elementary and Middle School team
  • organize schedule for game snacks (water, tangerines, granola bars, power balls)
  • organize fund raisers
  • organize service project
  • scoreboard
  • photography
  • manage uniforms

CARPOOL:  We have several students that may not be able to participate without a coordinated effort for carpooling.  As you get to know the other families involved in AR Soccer, please keep this need in mind.  

PRAYER:  Please keep the coaches, athletes, and families in prayer through the season.  It's our desire that the kids have a great experience in AR Soccer, that they grow together as a team and in their personal relationships with the LORD.  

Posted Jan 21, 2018


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o   Physical Evaluation- Med History for 2017.pdf  or Doctor provided form